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Automation in Information Technology -
Automation in Information Technology
Guest Author | Published: 08 Feb, 2018  | Source :

Automation means accomplishing a task repeatedly without human intervention. The use of automation in information technology is very important. IT process automation refers to the ability of orchestrating and integrating tools, people and processes through workflow. We can define information technology as using computers and telecommunication systems to store and share the information. The businesses use information technology to automate various types of tasks, helping in the saving of time and money both.


Various platforms in IT where automation chimes in are described below:

1)    E-mail: Businesses use mass emailing to distribute information between their employees at the same time. For example: The mail merge function present in Microsoft outlook can send an email to multiple recipients at the same time, which saves a lot of time. Mass emails convey complete information to the employees however, if one on one phone call is made to the employees, it will end up in wasting a lot of time plus there is a possibility of missing up some information.

2)    Customer Service: Nowadays, almost every business has adopted the facility of automated help desk to handle the customer services. Online customer service software’s saves a lot of time as the automated phone systems do. Even banks have adopted the automated customer service techniques. We can even lock a support ticket with the help of automated customer service software. This helps in expanding the business along with making things easier for the employees as well.

3)    Shopping Carts: Online shopping is much in trend nowadays. People can get a lot of discounts by shopping online. When a customer buys anything online, he adds the products in his cart and when he want to buy the product, the automated cart system gathers his personal details and stores it in the database of the company. For Example: If you have selected a Wooden SofaSet from Urban Ladder and added it to your cart, at the time of check out the Urban Ladder automated cart system will ask you for your relevant details to where the product should be delivered. After that it is going to add your and your product details into the database of Urban Ladder so that they can deliver the products at your place in the specified time.

Benefits of Automation in Information Technology

1)    Reduced Human Errors

2)    Faster response to critical problems within the system

3)    Efficient allocation of resources

 At the end, I would like to say that the world is growing very fast and so is the technology rate. From the past many years technology is gifting people and businesses a lot of advancements and automation is one of them. Both companies and people are enjoying tremendous benefits from these technological advancements. Companies are ready to spend a lot of money to get the latest technologies and the most recent automation tools to expand their business and earn high amount of profits. Automation in Information Technology is a boon to the people if used in a proper manner.


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