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SMEs beefing up networks with sophisticated security solutions -
SMEs beefing up networks with sophisticated security solutions
Guest Author | Published: 22 Aug, 2017  | Source :

We have been witnessing several cases of cyber-attacks lately. Due to this alarming situation, many big organizations are already up on their heels looking for a multi layered security system to secure their organizational data. But the interesting news is that not only the organizations like defense, paramilitary forces and other big corporates are using the multilayered security systems in order to beef up their networks with, but currently as per the tech news,many smaller SMEs are found equally keen to secure their networks with sophisticated security solutions.

As per the experts of cyber security solutions, there are several organizations from the metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai who have been the top purchasers of the sophisticated security solutions. Now, the companies from the cities like Hyderabad are also showing an interest in getting the security solution for themselves and beefing their system with complex security solutions. This has made the city of Hyderabadrank at fourth position in the country, just after the city of Bangalore,in the category of cyber security solutions, according to the business news.

Further to this data, theexperts of cyber security solutions also confirm that among all the SMEs present in the city, the companies dealing in pharma and the consulting firms are one of the top contributors when it comes to buying the sophisticated cyber security products.

The only difference between the big organizations and SME’s would be that the bigger organizations for example DRDO buys thesecurity solutions from a big and renowned cyber security company while the smaller organizations and the SMEs go for buying the security products offered by the startups as their products are much cheaper as compared to the bigger organizations. This gives advantage to many small buyers in Hyderabad to install complex security solutions in their companies at a relatively reasonable cost.

Many companies use the authentication solutions which have a facial and speech recognition software installed along with the passwords and other regular filters too. As per the co-founder of a cyber security company Innefu Labs, Mr. TarunVij, in the past three years his company has witnessed a rise of 75% in the companies opting for complex solutions. He gave the reason that in many organizations there have been some cases of confidential data being compromised due to official emails of mid and senior level executives being hacked.This has also led the two companies of India to pay a mammoth amount of money in dollars to the hackers as their data was hacked.

There are many companiesthosewish to secure their SAP networks, emails, and all the applications running on their network which is used by their employees. In that case, the solutions like facial and speech recognition is used for validating the identity of the customer while doing the mobile and online payments, retail and point of sale transactions, ATM transactions, etc. Data encryption is used for securing SAP, the emails and other networks. Sometimes the combination of both is also used.

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