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You dont need to be a financial wizard to start investing -
You dont need to be a financial wizard to start investing
Guest Author | Published: 30 Oct, 2017  | Source :

For the young, investments seem like a complex affair. Terms like bonds and securities and other such terms can spook anyone. But if you look closely, it is no rocket science, thanks to the proliferation of mutual funds in the market.One needs only a minimal understanding of financial investments to invest in mutual funds. All you need is a trusted asset management company (AMC). So, let’s see how mutual funds have simplified investing for the layman.

Investing in mutual funds


A mutual fund is a scheme that allows you to invest in several financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, and other money market instruments.
Mutual funds have gained popularity because it offers good returns at relatively low risk.It is a low-risk instrument because your money is spread across several sectors of the economy. Such diversification helps because different assets react differently to market turbulence.


Invest with a trusted AMC


There are thousands of mutual funds in the market today. Picking the right fund is the difficult part. This is where asset management companies (AMC) come in.
An AMC manages and invests money on behalf of its clients. Therefore, it is always prudent to take help of an experienced AMC. Do not choose an AMC simply because the service fees are low.

Importance of fund managers


You may not have the time or market knowledge to make investment decisions. That’s why fund managers are important. Fund managers are hired by AMCs. They are the ones who decide, manage and track the assets they have invested in with your money.Therefore, the better the fund manager, the better the mutual fund performs.That’s because they monitor the investments with a hawkish eye and help you get maximum returns. In oneline, a fund manager takes care of your investments.

To sum up


Investing in mutual funds might seem complicated. But by aligning with good investing companies, you can achieve your goals in a smooth and simple manner. So now think beyond saving, think about investing!



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