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Common Mistakes Home Buyers Should Avoid
Guest Author | Published: 07 Aug 2017
Purchasing a home may prove to be a long and complex process. However, it is essential that you keep the above points in mind when looking for houses because this ...
Why is Retirement Planning Important?
elearnmarkets | Published: 24 Jul 2017
Retirement planning refers to the allocation of savings for retirement and it is one of the most important life event. The goal of retirement planning is to achieve financial independence ...
How Home Loan With Tax Deductions Is A Lucrative Deal
elearnmarkets | Published: 24 Jul 2017
Taking a home loan is an icing on the cake itself, because you can also enjoy the tax benefits on the principal amount, interest paid, as discussed at length below, ...
A Complete Guide in Planning Your Monthly Budget
elearnmarkets | Published: 20 Jul 2017
B-U-D-G-E-T … what does this six letter word mean to you? Cutting down costs? Knowing where to spend and where not to? An exercise to remind yourself to stay within ...
Basic Facts You Must Know About Mutual Fund Schemes
elearnmarkets | Published: 20 Jul 2017
Mutual funds are well customized to suit the risk appetite of a wide range of investors. Before choosing a particular scheme, an investor should understand the objective of that scheme. ...
Where to invest in falling rate scenario?
Pankaaj Maalde | Published: 10 Jul 2017
The Government of India further reduced the rates on small savings instruments by 0.10% w.e.f. 1st July 2017. Traditional fixed return investors are in confused state of mind and are ...
Service tax hike makes traditional plans unviable
Pankaaj Maalde | Published: 05 Jul 2017
Post GST financial sector service tax will go up from 15% to 18%. The service tax on life insurance plans will also go up which is likely to affect the ...
Should You Have an Emergency Savings Account?
Guest Author | Published: 28 Jun 2017
Having an emergency savings account is a good idea - set aside a little money every month for a rainy day when you may need a small fortune. Ideally, an ...
Investing in AIFs may soon become easier
Guest Author | Published: 24 May 2017
SEBI defines an AIF as 'any fund established or incorporated in India which is a privately pooled investment vehicle which collects funds from sophisticated investors, whether Indian or foreign, for ...
Want a piece of the IPO pie? Consider SMEs
Guest Author | Published: 24 May 2017
What is driving the hoards toward SME IPOs? Analysts believe high net worth individuals (HNIs) are partially responsible, in addition to the usual domestic and even foreign institutional investors. But ...
Financial education pays off
Credit Sudhaar | Published: 23 May 2017
Credit usage has become universal and omnipresent in the present day and age. Accessing cheap and timely credit, requires CIBIL rating of at least 750 and above (out of 900). ...
How to get Real Gains from Your Mutual Funds
Multi-Act Equity Consultancy | Published: 20 Mar 2017
Investors need to evaluate the Mutual Fund, the quality of companies invested in and if the fund manager has a long term view of the portfolio and not just past ...
Renovating your house? How will home insurance help you?
IndiaNotes Team | Published: 15 Mar 2017
The premium that you pay towards the household insurance cover is directly linked to the value of your home. When you make changes to your home, both structurally and internally, ...
Why should you buy secondary health insurance and not depend on a corporate health plan?
IndiaNotes Team | Published: 03 Mar 2017
Given the soaring medical costs, it is indispensable to have a secondary health insurance plan. However, consider the coverage of your existing plan, your current financial as well as health ...
Personal Loans Get Cheapest in Last 6 Years
IndiaNotes Team | Published: 27 Feb 2017
With banks being asked by the government to prioritize their lending towards the poor and middle class, they have moved to MCLR as their new benchmark lending rate from June, ...
Time to rebalance your portfolio
Pankaaj Maalde | Published: 22 Feb 2017
As a good investment strategy it is also important to review and rebalance the portfolio periodically. This year’s budget was good as far as stock market is concerned. The big ...
Here's How Digitalization Helps You Buy a House Out of Your State
IndiaNotes Team | Published: 27 Jan 2017
Buying a property out of state is a huge decision. It is imperative to assess all the risks associated with such a purchase. By going digital, potential home buyers may ...
3 Steps to Check Your Credit Score Online before Applying for a Home Loan
IndiaNotes Team | Published: 27 Jan 2017
Around 79% of loan applications get approved if the applicant's credit score is greater than 750. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that you have a good credit score. Make ...
Benefits of a pre-approved personal loan
Credit Sudhaar | Published: 27 Jan 2017
Even though there are several benefits of a pre-approved personal loan it does not mean that you should take the loan just because it is offered to you. Remember every ...
The What, Why, and How of Consumer Durable Loans
Guest Author | Published: 19 Jan 2017
Being a proud owner of small luxuries in life is no longer an impossible dream. You may easily upgrade your television or refrigerator, purchase a laptop, or install an air ...
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