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Economy Watch
Inflation Watch
GDP 5% up
CPI 5.17% up
IIP -4.2% down
WPI -2.33% up
Key Interest Rates
CRR 4.00%
Repo Rate 7.5%
Reverse Repo Rate 6.5%
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How will GST affect gold?
Guest Author | Published: 24 May 2017
There is a lot of speculation from media and those close to the metals and jewellery sectors around possible tax rates. It is believed that gold jewellery will be taxed ...
Weekly News: Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approves a new coal linkage policy
SMC | Published: 22 May 2017
According to the cabinet, Shakti - Scheme for Harnessing and Allocating of Koyala (coal) Transparently in India - has been envisaged to make optimal allocation of the natural resource across ...
Changing growth phases in real estate market
Guest Author | Published: 19 May 2017
Alike any other business, the real estate sector has also experienced its highs and lows. The year 2017 comes with a new promise for the realtors as well as buyers ...
The 6 Sources of a Firm's Competitive Advantage
Multi-Act Equity Consultancy | Published: 17 May 2017
Competitive advantages allow the firm general superior profitability and returns on investment. This superior profitability is a result of better revenue-generation capability or is driven by lower cost per unit ...
Weekly News: Government to shortlist 6 firms as strategic partners for defence manufacturing
SMC | Published: 16 May 2017
Government to shortlist 6 firms as strategic partners for defence manufacturing. Chosen companies will partner global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in building defence platforms in India.
Euro Wins Its Waterloo & Bahubali Hearts Globally
Suhani Adilabadkar | Published: 12 May 2017
Europe is hell bent on extracting 100 bn Euros alimony, isolating Britain from clearing house business and with global Banks already moving jobs, THREXIT cannot be completely ruled out. Re-monetization ...
Weekly News: The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 becomes effective from May 1, 2017
SMC | Published: 08 May 2017
The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA) becomes effective from May 1, 2017. Each state and UT will have its own Regulatory Authority (RA) which will frame regulations ...
SC, Centre, one step closer to filling HC vacancies
Guest Author | Published: 28 Apr 2017
The government and Supreme Court are moving closer to filling the more than 400 vacancies for judges' posts across the country's high courts. The government also wants the chief justice ...
USFDA brings mixed results for Indian pharma
Guest Author | Published: 28 Apr 2017
In the medium term, the new US administration seems intent on imposing a value-added tax on imports that would raise drug prices, effectively eliminating any advantage Indian pharma has in ...
French Showers Gratify Global Stock Markets
Suhani Adilabadkar | Published: 27 Apr 2017
'Better than expected' is going to be the most used term by analysts in the coming few months. Ultratech, HDFC Bank, Indian Bank, Wipro and Reliance Industries should thank these ...
Weekly News: India's WPI eased at a faster-than-expected pace in March
SMC | Published: 23 Apr 2017
India's WPI eased at a faster-than-expected pace in March, Wholesale prices rose 5.70 percent year-over-year in March, slower than the 6.55 percent climb in February, which was the highest inflation since November 2013.
Weekly News: IIP declined unexpectedly in February on weak manufacturing activity
SMC | Published: 20 Apr 2017
India's Industrial Production (IIP) declined unexpectedly in February on weak manufacturing activity, as per figures from the Central Statistics Office. Industrial output fell 1.2 percent in February from prior year, ...
Alcoholic Beverage: Bad news - when it rains, it pours
Motilal Oswal | Published: 12 Apr 2017
On 10 April 2017, Madhya Pradesh (MP) became the fourth Indian state (after Kerala, Bihar and Tamil Nadu) in past two years to announce a ban on liquor. We believe ...
Metals/Steel: New challenges ahead; Motilal Oswal recommend JSPL as their top pick
Motilal Oswal | Published: 12 Apr 2017
Post investigations, the Director General of Anti-dumping and Allied Duties (DGAD) has concluded that the domestic steel industry has been battling a major injury due to rising volumes of cheap ...
SMC's weekly sector updates
SMC | Published: 29 Mar 2017
SMC, in its weekly news highlights the latest developments in each sector that happened during the week. It also throws some light on some key International events.
The size of personal bank credit in India
Ajay Shah | Published: 24 Mar 2017
In this article, we turn our attention to personal credit extended by banks, with a view to informing policy actions on the personal insolvency provisions of the IBC. The decisions ...
GST Bill Explained - What The Bill Has In Store For Us
Guest Author | Published: 21 Mar 2017
Goods and Services Tax (GST) is one of the biggest changes in the indirect tax reform in the country since the beginning of India’s economy. It was a part of ...
Weekly News: Food inflation accelerated to 2.01 percent from 0.53 percent
SMC | Published: 20 Mar 2017
Indian Consumer prices in India increased 3.65 percent year-on-year in February of 2017, following a record low rise of 3.17 percent in January. Food inflation accelerated to 2.01 percent from ...
Global Financial Markets: Will miraculous confluence of Macros reshape world's politics & economics in 2017-18?
Amit Goel | Published: 20 Mar 2017
We believe that Global Equities are priced to perfection. US Equities in particular, have seen a historic and unprecedented rise in last four months. MSCI World and US S&P500 have ...
Startups to give GST a thumbs up this year
IndiaNotes Team | Published: 17 Mar 2017
If we look at GST for startups in a broader perspective, eliminating the cascading effect of multiple Central and State taxes, GST would reduce the cost of doing business and ...
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