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Ideal funds to invest Rs. 70,000 for 1-2 years
11 Apr, 2017
Respected Sir, I want to invest 70K as lump sum amount for 1-2 years. What funds will be good for me according to you? I have searched some funds. Could you please tell me which out of these would be the best ones: 1) ICICI Prudential Banking and Financial Services Fund - Growth, 2) Reliance Banking Fund-Growth Plan-Bonus Option, 3) JM Multi Strategy Fund - Growth option, 4) L&T Infrastructure Fund - Growth Option, 5) Reliance Diversified Power Sector Fund-Growth-Bonus, 6) JM Core 11 Fund - Direct Plan (G), 7) Reliance Diversified Power Sector Fund - Direct Plan (G), 8) Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Long Term Fund - Direct Plan (G), and 9) SBI Magnum Comma Fund - Direct Plan (G). Also out of the above funds or the funds you know other than these, please recommend for dividend option on monthly or quarterly. one more question suggest me

Ajay Jain - says : Dear investor, for the safety of funds, we find Nifty Bees as the most suitable for annual returns.

Future Consumer... is it ideal for 5-7 years
16 Apr, 2017
Respected Sir, I want to invest in Future Consumer for long period of 5-7 years at current market price. Could you kindly lend your opinion on this stock. Please let me know whether I should invest in it or not.

Rakesh Sethi says : Dear investor, we believe it is better to exit from Future Consumer Retail.

Ideal stocks for long term of 7-10 years
14 Mar, 2017
Respected Sir, can you please advise some shares for a long term of around 7-10 years. I want to invest around Rs 5 lakhs.

Rakesh Sethi says : Dear investor, we will suggest you to invest in DHFL, IDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, M&M Finance, Force Motor, Bank Of Baroda, PNB, and Axis Bank. We are eying a target of 1,000 for both ICICI Bank and M&M Finance, and 25,000 for Force Motor. Our target for IDFC Bank for the next 10 years is also 1,000.

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