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Sensex: 29918.4 -111.30 Gold: Rs.28893.00
Nifty: 9304.05 -38.10 Silver: Rs.39500.00
Gold Commodities
 Type : Commodity | Source: | 26 Apr 2017
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In commodities market positional traders make more fortune as compared to intraday traders.

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Why most of the traders are losers in the market?

*Those, who maximizes the risk by letting their losses run and limiting their gains.

*Those, who always miss the opportunity for extraordinary profits and gains.

*People do not have the clarity and comfort that come from following a successfully tested and logical strategy.

*Generally traders lack the ability to profit in both a bull and a bear market.

99.99% of the intraday traders never make money. The one who make money is, your Broker !!!!!!!!! So stop sitting in front of screen 24*7. Because if you trade with the crowd then you may make money one or two times but by the end of the day you will lose money that is for sure.

Technical Analysis + Astrology

Trading Strategies

An experienced Team... Ready to Guide you

Earn Money Step By Step In Safe & Decent way...

Whether market is UP or Down ...Just follow the trend and ride the Trade....You cannot make money consistently by trading intraday..........If you trade intraday then one thing is sure that only your broker will make money........ Only positional traders can make money in this market.

Pay attention for Just 5 minutes >>>>>>>>and read the following....

1) Do you think that any Analyst can make you Millionaire in just few days of trading????? ( Some unprofessional immature analysts write--- Profit in 10-25 lots = xxxxx Rs....Is this correct way ? Please do not get fooled by anyone who promises you the same... this is just a trap...The ground reality of such promise is zero...). If this is the reality then why they don't work for themselves instead of collecting peanuts from clients.

2) If you are tired of 6-8 calls by technical analysts where the end result is only Loss and Pain.

3) If you are trading daily and by the end of the month your balance sheet does not reflect the profit.

4) If you are getting SMS from analysts and brokers and not able to choose from bunch of call--and If you choose calls from many calls and you loose on your bet.

Then don't search anywhere and just follow the right strategy and do only positional trading ......

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Crude Oil - Last close- 3183

Already down by 300 Rs from the breakdown point ....But days are not very sunny for Crude oil in coming sessions.....( Excluding Geopolitical tension between USA and North Korea. This is the only one hope for bulls )

Still it will find selling on every short rally...SO where to short ????

On higher side 3250-3300 will be resistance area....On downside 3150 to 3100 be supports...

Just Ride the trend.....

Just see clear indication was given here on 19th April itself >>>>>>

"A big movement is coming in next few days......Just be prepared for it"

Still you have not missed anything....More to come....

Just join today to know and catch such movements with us.......

Written here on 10 April >>>>>> On higher side weekly resistance area is at $53.50-$54 range. ...

Copper MCX

Last close - ( 366.30 )

Now some consolidation phase can come in Copper......On higher side 366 & 372 are solid resistance area.... And downside 358 and 351 will be supports...

Right from 405, we are bearish in Copper and have given all sell calls in it from last few months.....

And yes this is now very crucial support for medium term.....New downside on close below 359 only....

Zinc - MCX last close -( 166.80 )

Still more movement pending in Zinc.....

Now 162-160 strong support zone......On higher side 168-170 is a resistance zone.....

YESSSSSS... We are selling right from 185.....Continuously sold SIX times from higher levels.......On Tuesday too we sold at 166 and target given was 162........

Already written here on 12 April written here when it was at 166 >>>>>> Now some pause or upward correction till 169-170 level possible.....

Earlier written here on Friday>>>>>> YES..... Again we sold on Thursday at 180.50...... And see the magic.........

Total 9 calls in last one month and till now net gain of 23 Rs in Zinc...

Gold - MCX -( 28814 )

Already closed below $1270..This is start of down leg for medium term....

Now on downside support and target 28600....

Silver MCX - May - ( 40416 )

Silver is following footsteps of Gold...Lower side consolidation....40200-39800 now will be supports on downside...

Lower levels to find some buying support...

Written here on 19 April>>>>>> Now $18.50 is crucial trend deciding level....If manage to close above this then one side upside will be seen....So keep eye on closing above $18.50......

On 18 April all clients were given downside target of 41600-41700.....And Silver exactly met the targets and bounced from same levels....

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Successful people--- Read everyday and make their strategies well in advance.

Unsuccessful people--- Watch TV everyday and fail to make plan.

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Whether market is UP or Down ...Just follow the trend and ride the Trade....You cannot make money consistently by trading intraday..........If you trade intraday then one thing is sure that only your broker will make money........ Only positional traders can make money in this market.

Join us to know more about exact entry and exit points....

Every day, I receive lots of calls from all over India. And out of that 99% traders are those who have got loss in the commodity or stock market. And what I learnt from them is a mistake that is common in them. That mistake is `Lack of self confidence and lack of proper strategy". If you make your plans well in advance and strictly follow the strategy then everything becomes easy. Sometimes people follow the rumors and forget the Technical charts. Sometimes they convert their loss making position into investment and they lose whole capital in only one trade. This is one of the most serious mistakes people make in their trading business...So I always guide them not to follow the traditional method of trading in which you are getting loss. Just change the strategy and see the difference.-----------------For more you can call me on my below given numbers for proper guidance. 09860500330 or send message on WatsUp !!

Whether market is UP or Down ...Just follow the trend and ride the Trade....

We always suggest and recommend all clients to do positional trades on breakout and breakdown. Because in intraday trading only brokers make money and not traders. Only one or two positional calls are enough in a week rather than wasting time in intraday trading.

Please Note- Kind Attention- Please do not expect detailed levels exposed and written here from us. Because we have to preserve something more, extra and detailed analysis for our paid clients.

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Earn Money Step By Step In Safe & Decent way...

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