About Us


IndiaNotes is one of the largest aggregators of equity and financial data. It is extensively referred to by traders and value investors for investment ideas and research reports. Its ultimate aim is to be a one-stop hub for incumbents and enthusiasts of the Indian equity market.

IndiaNotes has a typical philosophy of helping, encouraging and promoting individuals as well as smaller companies gain visibility and ultimately win business opportunities. It thereby provides a platform for good writers and analysts as well as brokerage and trading firms. As such, IndiaNotes has several eminent authors on board as its contributors.We resell technical newsletters on a commission basis and also sell aggregated content through subscriptions and widgets.

Content published on IndiaNotes spans everything from equity research and commodity research to technical analysis, fundamental analysis, IPOs, derivatives, forex and economic issues as well as personal finance.

IndiaNotes or formerly ValueNotes.com is a product of ValueNotes Strategic Intelligence Private Limited, a full-service market and business research firm. Since 2000, it has been assisting customers in India as well as around the globe by providing actionable intelligence and thereby helping them make better business decisions. Although B2B market research and competitive intelligence is ValueNotes Strategic Intelligence Pvt Ltd’s core offering; it is equally known for offering products and services tailored to the needs of its customers. ValueNotes Strategic Intelligence Pvt Ltd is also known for its expertise in operating at multiple points of the knowledge value chain and adhering to multiple delivery mechanisms in order to provide information, research, analytics, knowledge management and intelligence to a myriad of users.